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Clearing Negative Karmic Residue

A Workshop By: Dr. Lance Rennka

Sinning is not Your Fault!

Your DNA Ancestors Have Been and Are Running Your Life!

Are you open to The Truth?

Are you seeking The Truth?

Are you willing to go beyond what you’ve been taught to believe, to learn The Truth?

Santa Barbara Area

 Clearing Workshops & Seminar Programs Schedule


Fee at the door - $150

Register on-line to save $100 and receive the Text Book for the Workshop by return e-mail – Clearing the Negative Karmic Residue Training Manual.

Science has proven, that our DNA ancestor’s passed-forward database, programming, contracts, habits and beliefs from the past, which are responsible for over 80% of our daily decisions. This huge database is stored in our subconscious memory banks not available to our conscious memory banks. Therefore we are reactive to sensory stimulation instead of being proactive.

If you want to gain control of your life, this interfering and negative database must be cleared. Sinning is not your fault. You were programmed by your ancestors to mis-create your life. Others down through history have spent 30 years in caves to achieve what this new technology can do by reading this book and attending a three-hour workshop. If you get nothing out of the book and workshop, we’ll gladly return your money. If you’re a “Seeker” this is a step on your journey to reach Enlightenment.

Workshop Sessions (request schedule)


Brain-On – Downloading and Sleep-Reading

Friday June 26th Registration 5-7PM – Seminar starts @ 7-10PM, Saturday June 27th 9-12AM, 2-5PM, 7-10PM Sunday June 28th 9-12AM, 2-5PM – Location to be announced based on registrations.

Soul-On – Healing Modalities

Friday July 17th Registration 5-7PM – Seminar starts @ 7-10PM, Saturday July 18th 9-12AM, 2-5PM, 7-10PM Sunday July 19th 9-12AM, 2-5PM – Location to be announced based on registrations.

Energy-Work – Paranormal Modalities

Friday August 28th Registration 5-7PM – Seminar starts @ 7-10PM, Saturday August 29th 9-12AM – 2-5PM – 7-10PM Sunday August 30th 9-12AM – 2-5PM – Location to be announced based on registrations.

These Seminars will be advertised for $2,500. The pitch at the end of the programs will be a “Special Deal” if they sign-up before leaving the Workshop/Seminar of 50% off. But Wait, by registering NOW – you can bring someone with you for no additional charge and you’ll each receive the text book by return e-mail.