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"How To Channel" Booklets Introduction

Everyone Can Channel the Spirit Realm!

Definition: Channeling – We, Dual-Entity (Body/Soul) humans, are ALL channels – conduits – for the Spirit Realm. The Spirit Realm works through us as the Channels. The Spirit Realm inspires us through our Intuitive Right Brain and our Thoracic Brain (heart and organs).

The Promise:As Dual Entities, Body/Brain – Soul/Mind we can all learn how to communicate with the Spirit Realm. Channeling is a God-given, inherent and inherited right of all humans!

The Problem: Few people in history have been willing to tap into their inherent and inherited capability as Channels. In the past it has been the Avatars, prophets, mediums, psychics, etc. who provided us the words from the higher-power which created us.

The Cost: As dual-entities, the Spiritual side of us is eclipsed by the Body in its day-to-day struggle to survive. We’re constantly receiving data from the Spirit Realm, however, it doesn’t come as a loud, booming voice and we tend to dismiss the messages, i.e. “Highway Patrol ahead.”

The Solution: Learn simple processes which will, on-purpose, open the channel. Learn how to ask so the Spirit Realm is clear about exactly what you want. Learn to receive the Spiritual communication and inspiration when and how it is delivered.

NOTE: We can ALL connect direct to the Source – Universal Intelligence – God – the Spirit Realm or whatever you’ve been taught to call it. ALL are called . . . few will accept the responsibility of being a Channel.

The Spirit Realm has a much better seat and therefore perspective of what’s going on than we do. The Spirit Realm is at our beck and call saying, “Your Wish is our command.” Our Spiritual Production Crews are surrounding us all the time scripting the Situations, Circumstances, Relationships and Natural Events we experience. From these Life Experiences, we are here to learn our lessons and change to the positive side of our Personality and Character Traits. The abundance of the Universe is awaiting us when we’re ready to receive.

Key Words: Channel, Spirit, Spirit Realm, Spiritual, Body, Brain, Soul, Mind, God, Source, Dual-Entity, Higher Power


Lance had been channel writing for several years when he “received” 19 book outlines in 18 months. When he received six in two weeks, he informed the entity he was a channel for, “Hey, you’re not paying attention, just in case you didn’t notice, I’m short handed (missing his left arm). When my first finger gets sore, I switch to the second finger, when it gets sore, I stop. I assume you want what you downloaded on me written, but I can’t write them all at once. I need to know what the sequence priority is. Also, YOU need to get much better at the writing trade so there’s less editing and re-writing and we’ve got to find a better way of doing the writing.”

Channeling written works has been called by many names, among them: Channel writing, Medium Writing, Automatic Writing and the Muse. There are many other modalities of channeling besides just writing. The variety of titles is amazing.

At a Peak Potentials Training Seminar he was asked about how he channel wrote. As he began to explain how he starts the channeling process, he was directed to write a How to Channel Write booklet. Within 24 hours he was given twelve How to Channel titles and within 48 hours he had over 50 How to Channel titles.

The purpose of the How to Channel Booklets is to accumulate, synthesize, organize, simplify and present in a readable format the material being channeled. Lance knows the How to Channel booklets will help you to conceive you can Channel. If you then believe you can Channel, and are willing to do what is necessary to learn and practice, you’ll be able to Channel and perform Energy Work Techniques to help you access Source Power/Energy – the Highest Calling on this plane of existence anyone can attain. In this way you can have direct access from your Body/Brain, through your Soul's Mind (your Spiritual Cellphone) to the Spirit Realm and Source – Universal Intelligence – God (UI/God).

As we learn how to tap-into Source Energy/Power in the form of Frequency/Vibration we’ll feel it in our Body. This will confirm, we can learn to be an Energy Worker. As an Energy Worker, we can be a participating Receiver when we need Source Power/Energy and a Provider when someone else needs Source Power/Energy.

Lance understands his Life Purpose is to make the principles and concepts he is directed to write and teaches in seminars: faster, simpler, easier and better than anything else. Lance’s goal is to hook-up anyone, who is willing to take on the responsibility of channeling, directly to Source (UI/God). In this way, you can get your information first hand and not filtered by someone with an agenda.

At least 12 of the How to Channel titles will be published on the website by 2015.

Everyone has at least one book in them. If you’re interested in How to Channel Write you can download a FREE copy of the booklet from the website and you’ll receive an e-mail each time a new booklet is published. Lance’s goal is to publish at least one booklet per month. Go to where you can review the book and booklet titles available and/or, read the weekly Articles, daily Quotes and see the Brain-On and Soul-On Seminar offerings, dates and locations.

Lance Rennka
Lance Rennka


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