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Learning at the Speed of Download - Preface

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I’ve said for years, “I want a plug installed so I can hook-up an external CD/DVD player and download data into my memory banks. Our brains are far superior to the crude computers we’re creating and the computers can download, so we just need a way of downloading.” Watch Matrix.

The Problem: The Bible says, “My people perish from a lack of knowledge.” We’re in the Information Age and transitioning rapidly into the Digital Age. The knowledge of the ages is stored in books and is now available over the World Wide Web. If Knowledge is Power, then Lack of Knowledge is lack of Power. In 2000, there were 200,000+ new books published in the US and increasing – that’s lots of knowledge. That’s over 530 books to read every day to glean the current information not even counting all the other printed works i.e. newspapers, magazines, correspondence, articles, websites, text messages and e-mails. Then there are the books and materials from the past. How can we even catch up let alone stay current? And to complicate it all, if we’re not continually educating ourselves, we become obsolete - perish.
“All of us need to grow continuously in our lives.”
Les Brown: is an author and motivational speaker

The average job-tenure in the US is only 18 months, requiring constant retraining.

Computing Power of the computer chips is doubling every 18 months and expected to continue into the future. The cost of computing power is halving every 18 months.

This is the Information Age and we’re moving into the Digital Age, the volume of “information” is doubling every 18 months – exponential increase.

To just keep “even”, we must be able to “download” information at a much faster rate than currently available, matrix the new information into our life experience and retrieve the information to problem solve and make wise decisions – download, store and recover.

The Compulsory Educational Systems are at least 75 years “behind” and basically only teaching flawed history (his-story) – much of which doesn’t even apply today.

We’re not utilizing our brain capability – it’s obvious we’re using less than 10% of our inherent and inherited brain capability. Einstein said at his best he was only using six percent of his Brain’s capability.
The Cost: Technology is driving technological advancement. Resources times Technology = Abundance. Population times Consumption = Wealth. This trend is going to keep expanding! Change is the only thing we can depend on. We must remain flexible and adaptable so we can move from one environment to another and one source of income to another quickly. Some skills, which were essential twenty years ago, are totally useless now. Whole industries are being made obsolete by modern technology. If you continue thinking about “the way we used to do things” or “the way we were taught to do things”, you’ll end up unemployable. At that point, you’ll have to re-train for a totally new career, which may also become obsolete in a few short years. This adds stress to our life and impacts every aspect of our being: family, friends, health, financial, recreational and Spiritual.

The Solution: In the Information Age we must learn faster, simpler, easier, better and tie the new knowledge/skills to life experience for better retention and retrieval. We need to be able to imbed into our memory banks more information/data/skills to have it available to make better decisions, solve more problems and remain viable in an ever changing environment. Knowledge is Power. Lack of Knowledge is Lack of Power. Your choice is – Powerful or Powerless.
Because of the Deluge of the Information Age, we must increase our capabilities of accessing Knowledge and Skill development. We’re using less than 10% of our inherent and inherited brain capability. Our Brains are capable of DOWNLOAD and we’ve been taught and trained to learn only one way – the Legislated Compulsory Schooling way.

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