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Lance the Clearing Session is transformational!! I recall you requesting your Spiritual Production Crew to facilitate the organization of all this in a faster, simpler, easier, better way and you have it!!! Can’t you just feel and see your Crew smiling? Many, many blessings. Totally amazing! It’s wonderfully simple and easy, the way it’s supposed to be.
Trish Turpel
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Body/Brain - Soul/Mind Book Series:

Learning @ the Speed of Download

is about expanding Brain-use so we can learn how use our inherent and inherited capabilities to download. We have the capability to Download Knowledge and Skill at 90+% retention and retrieval for life. Education is too slow for the current exponential increase in knowledge. Included in this work is information about how we learn, how we learned to read, from the Compulsory Schooling System and the importance of reading speed, comprehension, memory retention and retrieval of the stored data. Understanding learning is important, to insure the prerequisites are in place to receive new data and learn new skills. There is a problem with using short-term memory as taught in the Compulsory Schooling System to pass the tests, because within 3 months after completing a course of study, if retested, scores are down to 10 percent of original scores. If we are going to spend the time and money to educate ourselves, we need to use long-term memory by embedding the data into our retrievable memory system.

Because of what we have been taught and how we were taught, the information and skills development techniques are necessary for us to move into the Digital Age and use our inherent capabilities as Soul/Mind beings to function as we expand into the Intuitive Age.
The book includes information about Speed Reading, Photographic Memory, Photo-Reading, the One-Pass Learning system, Shifting our Brain-Wave Frequencies, using our Intuition to gain access to the Akashic Record of all knowledge and how to Sleep Read, including preparation, downloading and activation techniques.

Education is too slow for the current exponential increase in available knowledge. We are capable of learning to use our Brain’s inherent and inherited capabilities to Download Knowledge and Skill at 90+% retention and retrieval for life, so we’re way under achieving. Interested in learning to download a book in an hour and read books in your sleep?

The goal of Learning at the Speed of Download is to establish the foundation for the Brain-On seminar which develops knowledge and skill sets including learning to State Shift and use Intuition to download data directly from the Akashic Record and Sleep Read.