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Death - The Ultimate Fear

By Lance Rennka on Nov 11, 2014 at 09:41 PM in Spiritual

In the Beginning . . . when the wiggly connected with the egg, we humans were preloaded with Survival Instinct, “Bring forth after your own kind.”

Upon reaching puberty, female humans start laying eggs and perfuming the air with pheromones, while males humans start sniffing the air trying to find a “Ready to Breed” female.

The siren call of survival is lust, not love. I'm sorry if I spoiled marriage for you, but be honest. Watch animals breed, don't get pissed at me, I grew-up on a farm/ranch. This is how the “bring forth” edict manifests.

Be aware, celibacy is against our preloaded survival instinct.

The Ultimate Fear is death “before” you're able to procreate and raise your offspring to do the same so your DNA is passed on to future generations, so you survive into the future.

Male and female humans get married and mate to produce and raise children. Intercourse – sex – is used by females to keep the males around to feed them and the kids so that they can take over the job of procreation. This is why there's such a bond between grandparents and their offspring.

Once the female can no longer procreate and her kids are procreating, producing grandkids, she has no longer use of “spousal support,” but she'd like to keep the car house and some income until she can support herself. So attorneys and courts figured out how to support their offspring so they could procreate.

Once the fear of not surviving through your genes – primarily during your teen years – is satisfied, the Ultimate Fear morphs into a pleura of other fears propagandized on us by religion, family, society and governing laws, e.g. the the marriage vows, “till death due us part.” If this were a law – getting a divorce would be a death sentence for both of you.

The only thing that holds you back from doing anything is...


Future Events Appearing Real. The fear of: pain, lose, separation, embarrassment, ostracism, finances, learned beliefs,etc.

Remember: Our beliefs are our limitations.

I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

Def. Love – is wanting Spiritual growth for yourself and others. Spiritual growth is behavioral change.

The only thing you can depend upon is change.

The truth will set you free.


If you are in a balanced relationship (give and take equal), with someone you like and enjoy being with and sharing your body with, hallelujah!

If not . . . you have many choices.

If you're being held in an unsatisfactory relationship for any reason, e.g. property, money, medical insurance, health, occupation, abuse, offspring, etc. Ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?” Resolve your differences amicably and/or move-on.

If you've been putting yourself through HELL on earth (that is the only place it resides) sell everything you own, split the money and move on to freedom.

Believe me, homeless in a camping van is a great way to be free. Remain open to finding someone who can be a friend first and is willing to share your life.


Learn to dance. You get to rub hot sweaty bodies together without a commitment while you shop around till you find someone you like.

So the ultimate Fear is not making babies. If you can't make them, nature cut you free. If you just have to have one, adopt. If you've made one or more, you can cut yourself free. Single parents make due.

If the kids move in with you and you want out, sell the house and leave. If you really want to teach them some valuable lessons, and leave a “legacy” pull out all the equity, sign the house over to them, then hand them the deed, bills and keys – have your bags packed, wish them good luck and take a cruise. But change your cellphone # and e-mail address. You become free, and they'll learn some very important life lessons – fast!

This advise is especially relevant to Boomers.

Have a great life full of friends, adventures, beauty and fun – if that's not your experience – change.

If this goes against what you've been taught to believe, put your belief system into the freezer and read it again. Life is supposed to be fun, exciting, happy, enjoyable – not hell. Remember Heaven and Hell are here on earth – a figment of our learned beliefs and imagination.

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