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“If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.”
T. Harv Eker: is an author, businessman and motivational speaker

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On the Other Side of Far-Out

By Lance Rennka on Nov 07, 2014 at 08:53 AM in Spiritual

It is my belief, that if I'm willing to gain the knowledge and learn the skills necessary, I can do anything anyone else has done.

I believe this is true for you as well.

I believe we Body/Brain – Soul/Mind Dual-Entity humans have been and are way under-performing.

I believe Scientific study has already and currently is proving much of what I write about.

I believe the Paranormal – beyond “normal” – has been  held in check by organized religions and society for way too long.

I believe that when we Physical Body/Brain Egos learn to cooperate instead of compete with the Spiritual Soul/Mind Super-Ego aspect of our duality, we will move into our true capabilities and Fix the Physical World upon which we live.

In a conversation with my Spiritual Production Crew I asked, “Given what you've shown me in multiple visions, what is holding us back from manifesting these spectacular events now?”

“Well, timing is everything. You and many others have been in training to bring these events into Physical Reality. In addition, Instrument Technology had to reach the point where the quantum launch of your human capabilities could be audacious enough to go viral, around the world, in a very short period of time to prevent the Learning Institutions, Organized Religions and Governments from squashing the revelation or your capabilities as they have multiple times in the past.”

“OK, I get what you're telling me. So the www will get the word and demonstrations out to enough people to cause a quantum shift in our beliefs, with irrefutable proof that these capabilities, are in fact, real and not some kind of hoax or magic show.”

“That's it, you understand that when this starts, it must go worldwide, very quickly, to protect the various practitioners of the diversified modalities involved.”

“Yes, I do understand. And although I'm fearless when it comes to death, I'm not all that interested in experiencing more pain – nor do I want to start a slaughter of humans as has occurred in the past due to greed, power and fear.”

And with that, here is what I've been given as the three quickest ways to introduce and expand our human capabilities to Fix the World.

What I ask of you, the reader, is to put your beliefs in the freezer until you get through reading this. Our beliefs are supposed to be the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. If our passed-down and learned beliefs are not The Truth, then EVERYTHING associated with that belief system must be examined and corrected.

The only way I know to get to the Truth is to go to the Source, the creator of everything that is. Propaganda uses some truth to put forth an agenda, which ends up being a distortion of the Truth. Thinking is asking questions, so I'll ask questions to get you to start thinking, then I'll direct you to the “Source” for verification of the Truth I've been given.

A disclaimer: Who I was is not who I am. Who I am is not who I'm becoming. Who I'm becoming is a constantly changing and expanding example of what is possible. Join me on this journey. or at least move beyond anything you've learned to date.

Are you ready? 

What if . . . You could learn how to Sleep-Read? What if the next step would allow you to download a complete four year college course of study in one night – are you interested? 

What if . . . You could learn how to Levitate? What if the next step is to fly like superman, the next step is moving through form/matter, then walking on water and the next step is trans-location (point A to point B – anywhere on this planet – instantly) – are you interested?

What if . . . You could learn how to Heal Yourself? What if the next step is providing Energy so others can be healed, what about healing plants and animals, what about: Emotional healing, karmic residue resolution, DNA repair, and age-reversal so you can live an active, joy filled life till you decide to transition– are you interested? 

Stop, think, ponder . . . Jesus said, “The things I do, you shall do and greater things shall you do.” For 2,000 years we've been backing-up – is it time to start moving forward?

OK, go get your belief system out of the freezer and begin the examination of it. Our beliefs are our limitations. Is it time for you to step-up, go to Source – Universal Intelligence/God, the Creator of all that is and the source of The Truth – so you can begin your journey to discover why you, here, now?

You're special, you're here for a reason. I'm doing my “job,” will you do your “job?”


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