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By Lance Rennka on Sep 15, 2014 at 01:16 PM in Self Help

The Mind is the communication device, the Spiritual Cellphone, between the Physical Body and the Four Spiritual Planes of Existence.

The Soul connects its Mind to the Pineal Gland in the center of the Brain and communicates via our Intuition to the Right hemisphere of the Brain, the side I get my inspiration through. The left hemisphere is our technical side, the side I write through.

Yes, there are “voices” in your Brain arguing. The Body's survival instinct ego monkey-brain, focused on food, clothing, shelter, sex and entertainment and the Soul's guidance through the Intuition trying to create positive Personality and Character traits and resolve the negative Karmic Residue from the past. Our job is to learn from the past, live in the present and create the future.

When we Body/Brains finally figure out what's going on, we can learn to cooperate instead of compete with the Soul/Mind and move into the joy, happiness, wellness and freedom we've been seeking. Just a choice, requiring we be willing to learn, change our behavior and strike a balance on the yin/yang teeter-totter of life.

We all have a Soul. The Soul has a Mind. The Mind is in constant communications with the Spirit Realm. The Spirit Realm is a part of UI/God. UI/God always has been and always will be, it cannot be created or destroyed, it goes into form/matter, through form/matter, out of form/matter back into UI/God.

UI/God is the Zero-Point, Non-Mass, Creative, Vibrating-Energy Field from which the subatomic particles formed, from which the atoms formed, from which organic matter formed, from which the molecules formed, from which living plants formed, from which animals formed, from which humans formed and therefore we are ONE with all that is and that includes UI/God.

Finally, The Truth we've all been seeking is made evident.

“Why you, here, now?”

The next step is up to you. Will you open-up, get past the misinformation of the past, step past your learned beliefs that are supposed to be the truth and move into your true destiny as an Energetic Dual Entity on a Mission with a Life Purpose?

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