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Lance the Clearing Session is transformational!! I recall you requesting your Spiritual Production Crew to facilitate the organization of all this in a faster, simpler, easier, better way and you have it!!! Can’t you just feel and see your Crew smiling? Many, many blessings. Totally amazing! It’s wonderfully simple and easy, the way it’s supposed to be.
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By Lance Rennka on Oct 01, 2014 at 01:09 PM in Health, Featured Article

Upon conception, the Body is Preloaded with a huge database, programming, habits and beliefs from its DNA ancestors, all the way back to the beginning of hominids on this planet, over 10 million years ago. This Paradigm is resident in the Subconscious memory banks, unavailable to the Conscious memory banks.

When the Body is born and takes its first breath, “the breath of life”, the Soul attaches an umbilical to the 132 chakras of the body (the acupressure/acupuncture points) to gather data which is transmitted to the Spirit Realm and stored in the Akashic Record, the Library in the Sky, the Universal-Cloud (UCloud) of all data from the Big Bang to the present and into the future.

Once connected, the Soul downloads the Karmic Residue from its Past-Lives into the Body's subconscious memory banks.

The Body's combined subconscious database from our DNA ancestors and the Soul's Past-Lives Karmic residue, is what Freud called the Id. The Id is responsible for 80% of our hundreds of daily decisions.

The Body is preloaded with: animal survival instincts driving the ego (food, clothing, shelter and procreation), curiosity to keep it engaged, the need to be in control and freewill.

As the Body experiences life, it collects data through its senses, emotions and feelings which are stored in its conscious memory banks and only have a 10% affect on its daily decisions.

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