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Why Body/Brain Soul/Mind

By Lance Rennka on Sep 23, 2014 at 01:01 PM in Spiritual
Why Body/Brain  Soul/Mind

When I bled to death (clinical death – breathing and heart stopped) and watched the medicos fill my body back full of blood and jump-start me, an awareness became evident – I was a Dual-Entity, a Body/Brain and a Soul/Mind.

The Physical Body/Brain Ego will die and be recycled back into the Big Circle of Life. The Spiritual Soul/Mind Super-Ego will be recycled back into the Spiritual Realm and reincarnate into another body at a later time.

With this completely new concept, I formulated a question which has directed my life ever since, “Why me, here, now?”

That question stimulated my curiosity and has led me on a “quest” to find the Truth. With the arm amputation, the fact I have a “Phantom Limb” and complete strangers react to it, helped separate out the differences between the Body and the Soul. Aura pictures showing the “glow” around my body and the phantom arm reinforced and amplified the fact that humans are Dual-Entities.

When I discovered that in ancient times, Psyche meant the Soul/Mind and Psychology meant the study of how the Soul/Mind interfaces with and influences the Body/Brain I began separating out the differing functions of the Brain and Mind.

With this expanding knowledge, questions I had about: God, Organized Religion, the Paranormal, The Spirit Realm, Physical Life, Creation, Evolution, The Meaning of Life, Our Life Mission and Our Life Purpose became explainable.

With this awareness and my willingness to learn and change my behavior, I became mold-able talent and was recruited as a Scribe for the Spirit Realm, a Channel Writer, even though I was now “Short-Handed” and only type with one finger.

The first channeled book was Body/Brain – Soul/Mind Back From Beyond, Dying to Learn the Meaning of Life – about how I lost the arm, died and the lessons I learned from the experiences. I wouldn't trade the experiences for anything, but I wouldn't care to endure the pain again.

I'm continuing to transcribe what my Spiritual Production Crew is giving me. I have discovered that answers to the original question, “Why me, here, now”, are a continuous source of expanding Truths from Source.

The first first epiphany is that Humans, are Creative-Energy Brain-Computers made from dirt and water, a Body/Brain who's function is to explore the Physical Plane of Existence using its Sensory System. These Phsical structures are “accompanied by” a Soul/Mind who's function is to provide a conduit for communications between the Body/Brain and the Spirit Realm. The goal/objective of this union is to determine what works (keep doing that) and what doesn't work (quit doing that). The result is Positive Personality and Character Trait development, the only true legacy left behind when the Body/Brain dies.

The only thing that holds us back is FearFuture Events Appearing Real. Our preloaded and learned Beliefs are our limitations. The only thing we can depend upon is Change.

I welcome you to join me, and together we'll seek answers to the questions of the ages, learn to love ourselves and move into the freedom and joy we all desire.

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