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Sleep-Reading Introduction

By Lance Rennka on Sep 23, 2014 at 12:57 PM in Learning
Sleep-Reading Introduction

What if you could Download a complete Four Year College Course of Study Overnight?

It is my belief that what anyone else in history has done, I can do - - - if I'm willing to gain the knowledge and learn the skills necessary. If I believe I can, or believe I can't, I'm right.

Once I become aware that something has been done, then if I Conceive I can do it, Believe I can do it then I can Achieve it, if I'm willing to gain the knowledge and skills to do so.

Edgar Casey, the Sleeping Prophet, slept-read his way through school to avoid punishment – he had help from his Spiritual Production Crew – If Edgar could Sleep-Read, so can we, because we ALL have Spiritual Production Crews of thousands, saying “Your wish is our command.” 

Let's back into Sleep-Reading, so it won't seem such a “radical” idea.

What do all the Speed Reading programs and the PhotoReading program have in common?

First you Initiate what you're going to read by looking at the title, author, ISBN # and genre. 

(NOTE: this is the exact same information you would give to a librarian so they could find the book for you.) Then you gather the general information about the book, by reviewing the table of contents, reading the Back page then quickly thumb through the book taking between 5 to 10 minutes total. 

Depending on the program you've learned, you'll use a specific “technique” to “read” the book then you go to sleep. When you wake-up, you Activate, doing the same thing you did to initiate, but spend a little more time perusing the contents of the book and references, about 10 to 20 minutes.

Your Brain is “ON” 24/7 – you might as well use it.

Def. Initiate – To begin, start, do the first act, perform the first rite, take the initiative, instruct in the rudiments or principles, introduce.

Def. Spiritual Production Crew  are the Souls from the Ancestral Soul Plane of Existence that are “assigned” to each human to create the situations, circumstances, relationships and natural events which provide the “stage” upon which the human bodies travel their Life Journey. These “Crews” are the “assistants” which provide a communications and energy conduit to and from the Bodies and the Spirit Realm. 

Def. IntentA purpose, something that is intended, a state of mind

Def. Activate – To put into action, put to work, turn on, actuate

The First Law of Learning – “You never learn anything new, you only add to existing knowledge and skill.”

One of the key applications for Downloading is the expansion of your Prerequisite database, so you can “add-to”. Without the prerequisite in place, you have no “foundation” upon which to attach/anchor the new data or skill and it goes into a non-conscious memory bank, unavailable to your conscious Brain.

What are Our Brains Capable of Doing?

In college subliminal research studies, it was found that the brain is capable of “recording” an image in one thousandth of a second. It doesn't matter the image; a picture, a picture with text or a page of text. Once stored, this “image” is available to the Brain whenever the data it contains is needed – as long as the person has the prerequisite data already available.

In effect, our Brain is capable of capturing and storing 1,000 pages of text a second! Wrap your Brain around that concept – two 500 page books in a second!

This is why Speed Reading and PhotoReading work – the Brain is capturing the page images and storing them in our subconscious memory banks, attached to our prerequisite data, awaiting activation.

Reading “Speed” and “Retention” Comparison

Compulsory Schooling Reading – 100 to 200 words per minute @ 17% to 25% Retention.

Speed Reading Techniques – 800 to 2,000 words per minute @ 50% Retention.

PhotoReading Technique – 25,000 words per minute @ 85% Retention.

PhotoReading Instructors – 1,000,000 words per minute @ 95% Retention, as fast as a computer can scroll.

Did you get it? Do you understand that our Brains want the data FASTER and the faster the data in,  the better the RETENTION. I know, counter intuitive, backwards from what we've been taught to believe, but the scientifically proven TRUTH

NOTE: Our BELIEFS are our limitations. We can and must change our learned beliefs to move forward.


Downloading and Sleep-Reading

Over a million new books are being published every year, you do the math, how many books a month would you have to “read” to just stay even, not counting the “catch-up” reading. The data available to us is doubling every 18 months, an exponential increase. 

As a writer, I'm a reader. But even if I PhotoRead, a visit to a library or bookstore tends to depress me, if I'd let it.

So I asked my Spiritual Production Crew, “How can we humans gather data faster?”

My Crew, “We wondered when you were going to ask the important question. You know how powerful your Brain is, but you humans are barely using it. We're standing by waiting to help, when you ask. The Akashic Record, the Library in the Sky, the Universal Cloud, the U-Cloud, the repository of all data and knowledge from the Big Bang into the future is open 24/7 and all you have to do is let us know what you want and we'll download it into your Brain to be stored in your unlimited memory banks.”

“So we don't need the helmet, the plug-in or a CD slot to gather data?”

“No, that's 'old technology', as a Dual Entity, your Soul can transmit the request/command to the Spirit Realm and they'll Download whatever data you request, as long as you have the prerequisites necessary to receive.”

“OK, so what do we need to do to gain the knowledge and learn the skills to move to this faster, simpler, easier, better and higher level of learning?”

“You've already channeled the knowledge development and skills to on-purpose State-Shift and communicate with us. You just have to learn how to ask and be ready to receive what we deliver. Remember: Stay on the positive side by invoking 'This is for the highest and best good for all things concerned' and we'll respond.”

“I know the Spirit Realm is on 24/7 and the Brain is also on 24/7, is this why Sleep Reading is possible?”

“Yes. Once you let us know what you want, we deliver your request to the Akashic Record Librarians and they download the data, knowledge or skill requested.”

“What's my role in this?”

“You're a trainer, teach others how to Download and Sleep-Read. As this capability expands across the Earth, the quantum change you've been introduced to will occur. You now have the vehicle to affect almost instant change, the World Wide Web communications technology. As you've written, people perish due to a lack of knowledge and restraint. The vehicle is now available to awaken the masses and download The Truth you've all been seeking, without interference. Once the knowledge development expands, freedom awaits those who are willing to learn and change their behavior.”

Def. Akashic Record – Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “aether”. The Akashic Records are a compendium of mystical knowledge supposedly encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the astral plane. They are a recording of both the past and future of human thought and action. The Buddhists believe in “a permanency of records in the Akasha” and the potential capacity of men to read the same.


 Downloading and Sleep-Reading are the next steps in our human evolution. What could you do, once you gain the knowledge and learn the skills to be able to Sleep Read?

This works, because you have a Spiritual Production Crew, who's job it is to fulfill your commands. The Command is your Intent to download the book, data or skill into your memory banks. Your Soul presents the information about the book, data or skill (why you initiate), to the “Librarians” in charge of the Akashic record; which has recorded ALL of the written works, data and skills since “In the Beginning . . .”.

To Sleep-Read, you State-Shift to the Alpha Brainwave, Set your Intention to download from the Akashic Record, Initiate the data you want, go to sleep and when you wake-up, Activate the data you received, giving your Brain instructions about where to “hook-up” this new data in your extensive memory system (your personal Personal-Cloud).

The Three Brain-On Seminar Programs for the knowledge and skill development @ 100% Retention for Life are: 

1. Introduction to Downloading and Sleep-Reading (an overview) – 1 hour – Prerequisite to the Step-up program – FREE!

2. Step-up to Downloading and Sleep-Reading (the knowledge-development and skills necessary to Download a book, data or skill overnight) – One Day – Prerequisite to the Quantum program – $200.

3. Quantum Downloading and Sleep-Reading (4 years of college in a Single Night) – Three Days –  $1,000.


Speed Reading by Evelyn Wood 

PhotoReading by Paul Sheele –

How to Read the Akashic Record by Linda Howe –

Body/Brain Soul/Mind Learning @ the Speed of Download by Dr. Lance Rennka

Body/Brain Soul/Mind Channeling the Spirit Realm Training Manual by Dr. Lance Rennka

Body/Brain Soul/Mind Energy Work Training Manual by Dr. Lance Rennka