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We're All Creators

By Lance Rennka on Aug 29, 2014 at 01:10 PM in Learning

Thoughts - Words - Deeds Create The Future

Thoughts - Words - Deeds Create The Future

Our Brain is a powerful tool, when we learn how to use it. All of the advancements humans have made, since “The Beginning . . .” have come out of our Brains in the form of “thoughts”.

Since our Our Thoughts, Words (spoken and written) and Deeds create our future, maybe we should consider paying more attention to what our Brain is thinking and exercise restraint – just a thought.

Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on Earth, more than ruin, more even than death. Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privileged, established institutions and comfortable habit. Thought looks into the pit of hell and is not afraid. Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the World and the chief glory of man.”

Bertrand Russell

If thoughts, words and deeds determine our future, and they do, then we need to know where thoughts come from and how to control them to create our future.

Thinking is asking questions. Asking questions is problem solving. Humans thrive on problem solving, if we don't have enough problems, we'll create some.

So shall we begin?

Where do thoughts come from? Why do we argue with ourself? Where does conscience come from? Why the weird pictures and dreams?

How about our thoughts come from our Physical Body/Brain Paradigm, which includes the totality of our preloaded database and programming from our DNA ancestors all the way back to the creation of hominids, the accumulated database and programing from our curent life's experiences, combined with communication from our Spiritual Soul/Mind and the Spirit Realm providing guidance, support and new ideas.

Let's take this one step at a time.

We Physical Body/Brain Egos are Preloaded with database and programming from the Past passed down from our DNA ancestors and the Soul's Past-Lives.

We accumulate database and programming from the Present lifetime via our senses, emotions, feelings and experiences.

We receive Intuitive guidance and support, via our Soul's Mind, from the Spirit Realm which creates our Future.

Our job; the reason we, here, now; is to learn from the past, live in the present and create the future.

Freud, searching for answers to where his thoughts originated, came up with; Id, Ego and Super-Ego categories, the three different sources of data from which we make decisions. Id from the past, Ego from the present life and Super-Ego coming from our Psyche, our Soul/Mind through our Intuition.

In the past, Psyche meant the Soul/Mind and Psychology was the study of how the Soul/Mind influenced, communicated and interfaced with the Body/Brain.

Somewhere along the way, Science, trying to prove there isn't a God or Spirit Realm, screwed-up what was very clear. Quantum Physics came along to straighten it out, but Science is slow to respond, even though they can't explain the Paranormal manifestations or where memory is stored.

In the Beginning Universal-Intelligence/God (UI/God) created all that is, using vibrating-energy. The creation of the Universe involved Seven Planes of Existence – three Physical and four Spiritual. Everything on all seven Planes is comprised of Energy at different frequencies/vibrations/cycles (Quantom Physics stuff).

The Three Physical Planes of Existence include

  1. The Physical Inorganic Form/Matter Plane – the Atomic chart of 92 Atoms

  2. The Physical Plant Form/Matter Plane – associated with land, air and water

  3. The Physical Animal Form/Matter Plane – including humans (the ultimate “Lab Rats” so far”) also associated with land, air and water

The Four Spiritual Planes of Existence include:

  1. The Ancestor Souls Plane of Existence, which includes: the current crop of incarnate Souls, our Soul Ancestors, other Discarnate Souls (Ghosts?) planning their next Reincarnations and our Spiritual Production Crews creating the “Stage” upon which we act out our Life Movie.

  2. The Spiritual Plane of Existence includes: Guides, Counselors, Avatars and Angeles.

  3. The Universal Laws Plane of Existence includes: the Akashic Record (the “Universal Libray in the Sky” (the “cloud” that records everything, including thought, word and deed from the Big Bang into the future), the Universal University and the Librarians, Professors and Administrators running this Plane.

  4. The UI/God level of Existence is the Zero-Point, Non-Mass, Creative, Vibrating-Energy Field from which everything that is, in the three Physical Planes of Existence and four Spiritual Planes of Existence were created. UI/God cannot be created or destroyed, it always has been and always will be, it goes into form/mater, through form/matter, out of form/matter and back into UI/God. The #1 Universal Law – Recycle.

The the Ancestor Souls, the Spirit Realm and UI/God are saying, “Your wish is our command.” We project our “wishes” through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds.

The Spirit Realm responds to our “wishes” in the positive only. If our Thoughts, Words or Deeds are negative, the Spirit Realm says “yes” and gives us what we think, focus on, talk about, write about and do – in like-kind. The first and most responded to communication from us to the Spirit Realm is our thoughts, because they precede our words and actions. Reason to pay attention and be cautious?

Positive Mental Attitude is critical to having a positive life. If we're experiencing negative things in our life, we need look no further than our own personal thoughts, which come from our own Brain.

The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Albert Einstein

We Physical Body/Brain Egos were Preloaded with Survival Instincts, Curiosity, needing to be in Control and Freewill. Our thoughts do not have to be random or negative. Our Brain is a computer, we are the operator. We get what we ask for, think about, talk about, focus on, write about and act upon - Positive or Negative. We can exercise Control and Restraint, it is after all coming from our Brain.

Yes, we all have arguments in our Brain. The Voices, Dreams and Imaginations in our Brain come from three sources:

  1. The Id from our DNA ancestors and Soul's Past-Lives database, programmng, habits and beliefs, which is stored in our Subconscious memory banks. This mostly Karmic Residue from the past is being past down for us to resolve. I know, not fair, but its part of our life script written by the Spirit Realm, so fight . . . or cooperate and get it resolved. The Id database in the subsconscious memory banks isn't available to the conscious Brain, but it influences 80% of our decisions.

  2. The Physical Body/Brain Ego's Present life experiences stored in our conscious memory banks, requires restraint and control. The Conscious memory banks are based on survival – food, clothing, shelter and procreation (sex) – our “monkey” brain.

  3. The Spiritual Soul/Mind Super-Ego is “Channeling” the Spirit Realm and communicating to and from our Brain through our Intuition. The Soul Ancestors and Spirit Realm are trying to keep the body working on figuring out what works (keep doing that) and what doesn't work (quit doing that), plus developing positive personality and character traits. The “agenda” of the Spirit Realm is the positive evolution of the Universe.

The Human Brain Capabilities

Learning to Read in the compulsory schooling system will get you to between 100 and 200 words per minute at 17% to 25 % retention. Benefit of the doubt – 200 at 25% retention.

Learning to Read from the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Program, Quantom Reading, eyeQ, etc. will get you to between 800 to 2,000 words per minute at 50% retention. Benefit of the doubt – 2,000 words per minute at 50% retention –10 times faster, twice the retention.

Take the Learning Strategies PhotoReading 3 day course or do the Home Study course and you can learn to read at 25,000 words per minute, as fast as you can turn the pages at 85% retention. Benefit of the doubt – 20,000 words per minute at 80% retention. 100 times faster and over 3 times the retention.

Take the Learning Strategies PhotoReading Instructor course and you can learn to read at 1,000,000 words per minute, as fast as a computer can scroll at 95% retention.

So did you get it? Your brain wants its data faster. The faster the input, the better the retention.

Your Brain is capable of “grabbing” a picture in less than 1,000th of a second. A “picture is worth a thousand words”. A page of text is a picture, it is captured and stored in your memory bank as a picture, and when needed it is pulled up and made available to your conscious Brain.

Subliminal Programming

In the beginning of black and white, 16 MM movies (16 frames per second), an experiment – our conscious awareness couldn't pick out one frame in 16 of a different picture/message. So put a single frame in 16 frames per second with a picture of coke and printed words Drink coke, picture of popcorn, eat popcorn, picture of candy – eat candy resulted in snack-bar sales increasing 60%. It is now “Illegal” to use subliminal programming in theatres.

When video started, it used 30 frames per second. One frame in 30 frames per second worked better than one frame in 16 frames. Speeding up the frames per second to 1,000 with one frame of data worked even better.

The reason I included this info about Speed Reading, PhotoReading and Subliminal programming is to let you know your Brain is capable of a lot more than You've ever been allowed to know.

Your Brain is on 24/7 and when you learn how to “on-purpose” shift your brainwave frequencies and State Shift, you can engage your Spiritual Production Crew and download directly from the Akashic Record ALL data including all the written works from the beginning of writing.

This means you can Download while your sleeping.

What can you do when you learn to Sleep-Read?

Part of the “trick” of reading is you must know the “definitions” of the words you're reading. What if you can learn to Download the prerequisite data for a given course of study? What if, you can Download the dictionary definitions for any course of study? What if you can Download the Encyclopedic data for a given course of study? What if you can Download the application/use for that course of study as it applies specifically to your needs?

What could you do, what could you do?

I know, you read for enjoyment, so you can put yourself into the story. Do you watch movies? If so, downloading can be like controlling a Lucid Dream with you participating.

So, would learning to Download and Sleep-Read help you or someone you know?

I PhotoRead during my Masters in Education. My brother slept read through his Doctorate in Chiropractic. Edgar Casey, the Sleeping Prophet, slept read his way through school. What others have done, you can learn to do also.

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