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What Were You, When You Were Still Dirt?

By Lance Rennka on Aug 29, 2014 at 01:09 PM in Spiritual

“In the beginning, before conception, before gestation, before birth as a human . . . what was I?

It seemed like a legitimate question to me, so I posed it to my Spiritual Production Crew (Crew).

Crew, “You were dirt and water, mud.”

Lance, “Not all that interesting, there must be more that just dirt and water.”

“How about Personality and Character traits.”

“Where did that come from?”

“Your combined DNA ancestors, back to the beginning of hominids”

“I was taught I popped out a blank slate and everything I know and am is a result of what I've learned.”

Crew, “That concept isn't even close to the database, programming, habits and beliefs; your Paradigm; you were born with. Imbedded in your DNA is the combined paradigm of the animal and hominid survival instinct all living form/matter is preloaded with before it comes into being, passed down the DNA chain.”

Lance, “So that's why educar, the root of educate and education, means to 'draw out from within'?”

“Right. The questions you need to be asking are; 'What do I know I don't know I know and what can I do, I don't know I can do'. You, Body/Brains, are vastly underachieving your capabilities.”

“OK, since you brought it up, what role does the Soul/Mind play with us human Dual-Entities.?”

“Well, since you brought it up, The Soul, collaborating with multiple other Souls, wrote the Life Script, the Dharma, for its Incarnation in the mud-suit for this particular experiment.”

“I just opened the proverbial can of worms, didn't I”.

“Worms? How about snakes.”

“No worries, we're all made out of mud.”

“Yes and each living thing has a role to play in the experimentation and evolution of the Universe.”

“What role does the Soul play with a new born human?”

Crew, “When the baby takes its first breath, the breath of life, the Soul attaches an umbilical to the 132 chakras so it can communicate with the baby human and collect data from it to be recorded in the Akashic Record, the Library in the Sky.”

Lance, “Wait a minute, the soul writes a life script, for this new baby human to play its part, there is going to be experiments performed on this preloaded human and what exactly is the experiment if it's already written in the script?”

“Good question. Let's back up a little. First of all, the Body has an agenda; survival – food, clothing shelter and procreation, bring forth after your own kind. The Body is preloaded with a huge database from its ancestors all the way back to the beginning including unresolved karmic residue, plus ego, curiosity, freewill, and the need to be in control or it doesn't make a good lab-rat. When the baby is born it already has a preloaded database, programs, habits and beliefs from the past.

“The Soul has an agenda as well; written in the Life Script, to determine what works and what doesn't work in all categories; plus its plan to develop positive personality and character traits through the Body to share throughout the Universe – evolution. Due to the short-lives of the Soul's past Bodies, there is unresolved karmic residue needing to be dealt with by this new Body.”

“Wait, does this mean every human on this planet is supposed to be working on unresolved karmic residue from its ancestors, the Soul's past-lives and whatever it screwed-up in the current life too?”


“And all this karmic crap from our ancestors and the Soul's past-lives is influencing us in the present, because it's written into our Life Journey script?”

Crew, “Yes.”

Lance, “So why aren't we aware of this influence?”

“Because it was stored in your subconscious memory banks, unavailable to your conscious memory system.”

“So how influential is this subconscious database in our daily lives?”

“80% of your hundreds of daily decisions are influenced by this data.”

“Without us being aware of its influence?”


“Well that doesn't seem fair, looks like we were set-up before conception and immediately after birth to fail.”

“Not really, you were given freewill to make choices about the experiments you're involved in.”

“So the Souls are setting us up to loose?”

Crew, “No, due to the Contract of Incarnation the Souls can't directly interfere with the choices the Bodies make. We can only arrange the situations, circumstances, relationships and natural events the Bodies experience.”

Lance, “Sure sounds like manipulation to me.”

“Only if we forced the decisions. But if we did, there would be no experiment. Consider how humans use mice and rats to perform experiments. You set-up out to test some theory, design the maze or test to prove or disprove the theory (works – doesn't work) and then perform the experiment. Remember: 'As in the Spirit Realm, so in the Physical Realm.' Where do you think you came-up with experiments?”

“When I get my emotions out of the way and look back down my Life Journey, I can see some of the major experiments – choices – I was subjected to. I also see that if I didn't learn my lessons, how in one form or another, the experiments were repeated until I learned and changed my behavior.”

Crew, “You just defined The Meaning of Life. Life is a seminar, pay attention, learn your lessons, change your behavior . . . there will be tests to make sure you learn. If you make a mistake, remember they're mis-takes in your life movie and result in do-overs. Note: each do-over will be more intense. Be aware that doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is the definition of crazy.”

Lance, “OK, lets see if I get this. I'm a pawn, a human Lab Rat, being subjected to experiments set-up by the Spiritual Production Crews in order to develop positive personality and character traits while at the same time working off past and present negative karmic residue. The karmic residue from the past is stored in my subconscious memory banks and influences 80% of my daily decisions. The karmic residue built-up in the present life-time is also needing to be resolved.”

“Very good, so far, but you still have a question.”

“Yes, it would seem that life would be a lot easier if we knew what was in our subconscious, so we could be proactive in our lives instead of reactive.”

“Oh, so you want another book to write?”

“Well if that's what it's going to take for me to gain understanding, bring it on.”

The result was the Body/Brain – Soul/Mind Channeling the Spirit Realm Training Manual, which explains how to use simple techniques to shift our brainwave frequencies, called State Shifting, so we can gain access to the subconscious and bring it into our conscious awareness and thereby we can become proactive instead of reactive to the events (experiments) in our lives.

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