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The Five Healing Modalities

By Lance Rennka on Aug 29, 2014 at 12:43 PM in Health
The Five Healing Modalities

Be aware there are five different types of healing:

  1. Physical Healing – impacts, bruises, cuts, scrapes, tears, strains, dislocations, misalignments, breaks, fungus, bacteria, viruses, etc. Direct physical attacks on the Body. The Body’s regenerative organ and immune defense system is designed to heal these attacks using intelligence and bio-energy. Pain is the indicator there is something wrong. These impacts on the Body are a part of life and usually the result of not paying attention. Pay attention, or pay with pain!

  2. Emotional Healing – Dis-ease is caused by blockage of negative emotional energy based on fear. Every sensory input in your life stimulates emotions. If the emotions are fear-based and the negative energy is not released, poisons are secreted into the body and, based on the underlying fear, stored in specific cells of the body. When the negative stored energy exceeds the positive energy, disease occurs.

  3. Karmic Resolution – Resident in the combined DNA from our ancestors, all the way back to the Beginning of hominoids from which we came, is unresolved karmic residue. The Soul’s past-life-baggage involving unresolved physical and emotional pain is carried over into this present life for resolution, because the bodies died before their work was done.

  4. DNA Repair – The only thing we can depend upon is change. Positive Evolution results in advancement. Negative Evolution results in elimination of species from this planet. Damaged to body cells results in damaged DNA, which is passed-on as the cells replicate. To insure positive evolution/change, we can learn how to repair/heal the DNA to avoid mutated/negative DNA being duplicated.

  5. Age-Reversal – Science has proven that Oxidative Stress, the “rusting away” of our cells is the cause of aging and virtually all disease. There are natural remedies to reverse oxidative stress beyond just antioxidants, which activate the body’s own defense mechanisms in the body’s cells and reverse aging. Couple this new awareness with the learnable techniques of Intent and Focus and “miracles” occur.

These five different Healing Modalities are now available as booklets. Each one by its self is amazing, combined, the results are spectacular!

Go to Booklets to read about these technologies.

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