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Your Spiritual Production Crew

By Lance Rennka on Aug 29, 2014 at 12:13 PM in Spiritual
Your Spiritual Production Crew

The Spirit Realm, is created by Universal Intelligence (UI – God). The Spirits – all part of UI – are “creators”. These “parts of UI” are the Souls incarnate, Souls discarnate (Ghosts), Entities, Guides, Angles, Counselors, Casting Directors, Scene Directors, Sages, Avatars, Masters, etc. They’re all connected to everything in the same and all other dimensions including the whole universe. Spiritually and physically We are One with everything from the subatomic level up.

To avoid too much “distraction,” Bodies are not able to “see” the Spirit Realm of existence, even though it’s more real than what humans call reality. Opening up to the awareness of this realm is available to everyone – if they’re willing to BEcome and take action – DO.

What the Spirits Do

Spirits are the “Casting Directors” in your life movie (script). They recruit just the right person at just the right time to provide an opportunity for you and the other person to learn and change. “When the student is ready, the teacher arrives.” “When the Female is ovulating, the males arrive.” The Spirits also oversee the Natural events which provide additional learning opportunities.

With will-full Bodies doing the unexpected, the Souls are involved in constant script rewriting, which keeps the Spirits busy moving and shifting people, events and Nature to provide the dynamic stage (experiment maze) upon which we “act”. This keeps Starbucks in the Sky in business.

The Production Crew are also the “go-fors” to gather information needed by the Bodies to solve problems. They schedule the props for our act and are the counseling and communication conduits to provide guidance in all we do – if we’ll listen.

The Spirits also provide “security” in the form of gentle nudging from your “Guardian Angles.” Sorry, it only works if you pay attention!

I know, you thought it was all your choice, your fault, your responsibility for what happens. Well, you are responsible. Your Body, made the willful choices. Your Soul wrote your part of the script (The question to ask is, why?). Do you see, without the Production Crew staging the experiment, how would we ever meet mr./ms. right or have an adventure or a disaster? If you say by “accident” or “serendipity” you’re missing the point. There are no accidents – everything is scripted, directed and acted out. Everything, except the Body’s freewill choices.

It’s the Spirits’ job to project our subconscious movie (script) on the universal screen of life. Think of the billions of individual factors which had to be set in motion for you to meet your mate – births, family, education, life experiences, time, place, location, logistics, personalities, interests, other people, relatives, ovulation, etc. This is not an accident!

This book is about you beginning to learn how to affect the outcome of your life – then asking yourself, “Which one of me is choosing how I want to act?” Best of all, is to realize life is just an act and to start working on your acting skills – Personality and Character traits.

Your Soul is the writer and scene creator and your Body is the director (through your choices) and star of your “movie”, others are just bit players in your movie. Yes, some play bigger parts than others. You’re just a bit player in other peoples movies – an example they can choose to follow or do the opposite (The Ministers kid gone bad) or improve upon.

You can only provide information, example and data, how someone else decides to play their part is their decision – they’re the “star” of their own movie.

You decide which movies to play parts in and how big of a part you will play.

Life’s a stage, and we’re all actors. Participate in the experience (experiment) and then experience your participation (think about the lessons learned and character traits demonstrated). Remember what is – is, what you did – you did. But each player is going to have a different experience with any given event. You can gain tremendously by visualizing yourself playing all the parts in your movie – mate, siblings, parents, boss, workers, friends, enemies, etc. – and trying to see yourself through their eyes. Maybe you can collect the data and change your behavior without having to actually go through the scene again, by just visualizing playing a different part in your brain. You can learn your lessons quicker by paying attention to how other people react to stimuli.

The Rules – The Production Crew and Souls must work within the Universal Laws when involved with Humans. The objective of the Soul/Human experience is: Experimentation = Information/Data = Choice (change for better/worse or remain the same) = Behavioral Change = Creation = Improvement = Personality and Character Change (evolution).

  1. For every action there is a reaction, which influences the universe – sends ripples/echoes throughout eternity.

  2. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you – the basic law for the Souls in dealing with Humans. The question: “How do you want others to do unto you?”

  3. Life is not meant to be fair, just a learning experience – experiment. In fact, life is a death sentence – what’s fair about that? You’re born to die – after the experiments.

  4. Survival of the Soul is guaranteed and a multitude of opportunities (lifetimes) are available to learn about Personality and develop Character.

  5. Gravity will restrict the Human to the earthly three-dimension realm – the Soul prefers four or non-dimensional existence.

  6. Work with The Mother Nature Plan, following the overall objective of balanced eco system, sustained yield and quality of experience. Tread lightly – even the grass is life.

  7. The human android has limited sensory range so the Spiritual realm is not too confusing or distracting during the experiments.

  8. The Souls are to push the frontiers of the human possibilities and may use Universal Intelligence to expand the Human potential.

  9. The Universe, therefore Planet Ocean, is infinitely abundant – economics based on “scarcity of resources” is wrong/doesn’t work – the development of technology has proven Technology X Resources = Abundance. People X Consumption = Wealth.

  10. The Spiritual World is available to help with the experiments – clairvoyants, mediums, readers, spirit guides, angles and counselors – especially when the religious oracles say not to listen to them.

  11. Whatever the brain can conceive and believe, we can achieve. What you think and say is powerful – be careful what you think and say! Be especially careful what you ask for and how you ask for it – you will get exactly what you ask for and dwell on.

  12. There is no good/bad, right/wrong, left/right or up/down – all that matters are the experiments to determine what works, and eliminate what doesn’t work to evolve towards the positive side of personality and character.

  13. When you come to a decision point in the experiment – control your emotions, become neutral and think (ask questions) before making a choice. Align your decisions with your lifestyle goals not your emotions.

  14. To be both happy and successful, have fun, apply patience and restraint in all areas of your life.

  15. Maintain and attitude of gratitude for where and what you are now. Accept the place you’re in – after all, it was your series of choices which got you there.

The trailer at the end of a movie, called the “credits,” gives recognition to just some of the hundreds of people it takes to produce the movie. The producers, writers, directors, actors, cameramen, scene creators, special effects, stuntmen, extras, editors, wardrobe, and many more with some people never listed. All these people are required to create a movie about “90 Seconds,” “24 hours” or “48 hours.” What is it taking to create the movie of your life?

In My Life as a Search for the Meaning of Mediumship, Eileen Garrett wrote:

“Intuitive perception is that activating principle in the life of both man and animal, which preserves them against the hostile forces of their own environment. The alertness, or hypersensitivity, in all living creatures, is created by the fundamental synthesis of their five senses registering within the physical body; such instinctive vigilance is the foundation of all true self-protection, which means survival. ‘Supernormal’ sensing is really nothing, therefore, but a refinement of that dynamic power which propels all life through its own incessant growth and evolution.”

Supernormal influence is the Spirit Realm Production Staff at work. To produce your Life Movie, it takes putting you in the right place (scene) at the right time with other actors so you can play your part in the total script. Your script is just one of many being acted out during any one event. Each entity has its own “bit part” in the overall script. To get a single scene to happen as it was written; the actors must be selected (Casting Director’s job), all entities must be in place (Producer’s job), the backdrop/environment must be there (Stage Hand’s job), and the scene needs to be staged (Director’s job). The character and personality development agenda is scripted by the Souls. How the individual actor (Body) chooses to play its part in the scene is due to freewill choices. If the scene doesn’t play right (lessons not learned), it’s a mis-take a do-over and the scene is set-up again (looping) for the re-take. Mis-takes = Re-takes – do-overs!

For some people, repeating mistakes may be comfortable. They prefer to go in circles – loops – dwindling spirals – the repetition/continuation of the act – a habit is familiar, and to change is to risk. To risk evokes fear, and it’s just seems easier to go along with the status quo, i.e. spousal abuse?

You have an obligation to get it right the first time, or at least take the most informed (database) shot at it. If it turns out different from anticipated – learn. Then think (ask questions), re-evaluate the information looking at the result, collect new information and have at it again.

It may be necessary for you to do it yourself to learn. However, it’s possible to collect information from history and other people. Many times you can visualize the end result of an act or decision, mentally, without actually doing something. This is the ultimate use of the Brain/Mind connection, and by learning to use this technique you can avoid much discomfort. If an important decision is required, pose it as a question and sleep on it.

Your whole life, from start to finish, is a scripted act, staged by the Spirit Realm. The direction is through coaching, nudging, situations, circumstances, planned events, and wee small voices. The event is the stimuli, your reaction to the event is your act/part. For most of us, we never see or realize the influence the Spirit Realm has in providing the stage, events and bit players in our life movie. Because the conscious brain is so noisy, it’s difficult for the Spirit Realm to get the direction messages across to us. And because the Caveman and Spirit agendas are in a constant war with each other, we tend to not pay attention to what’s actually going on, we just focus on the war.

Spiritual Goodies

Because you’re a Spiritual Being, you’re imbued with Spiritual attributes including: life everlasting, universal knowledge, knowledge of the ages, extra sensory perception, Intuition (a knowingness – deya vu – gut feeling – 6th sense), wee-small-voice, Spirit communication, and healing power.

You – Soul – are at one with everything which is and you are attached to nothing – therefore, as the observer you have emotional control.

Due to the nature of Universal Laws, the Universe has to line-up to meet your requests. You have not because you ask not, ask largely that your joy may be full. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find. Just be careful how you ask for what you ask for – if you voice a don't want, you’ll get it.

The problem is you don’t have what you think you want due to internal conflict. This is the reason, one of the Universal Laws is about BE – DO – HAVE. This says you must BEcome someone different and DO something different to HAVE something different. You’re focusing on the HAVE, when the real problem is you’re not working on the learning/changing of character traits (becoming) and action (doing) portions of your life.

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