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Body-Brain Soul-Mind Universal Intelligence/God

By Lance Rennka on Sep 01, 2014 at 01:39 PM in Spiritual
Body-Brain  Soul-Mind  Universal Intelligence/God

In The Beginning – God – after that it gets a little bit confusing – but not really important. The “creation myths,” common to all Organized Religions/Belief Systems, have attempted to “story-ize” how everything came to be. These “Myths” have been held out as “truth” – The Word of God. They are just stories – told in ancient times without the current levels of technology or scientific understanding/reference.

The Physical Body/Brain is born, lives, dies and gets recycled back into the Big Circle of Life.

The Spiritual Soul/Mind incarnates into a Body/Brain when it takes its first breath. When the Body dies, the Soul/Mind exits the Body, discarnates and the physical Body loses weight, and after a period of time the Soul returns to the Spirit Realm to plan out its next incarnation. When the plan is ready, the Soul/Mind then reincarnates (recycles) into another Body/Brain to perform more experiments.

Here are three “Creation Myths” based on current understanding – in two-thousand years, you may modify it, if necessary. This is not meant to mess with current belief systems, unless they don’t work (by the way, they don’t work).

  1. In the Beginning, the Non-Mass Creative Vibrating-Energy Field, the foundation for the creation of the sub-atomic particles from which all that is in the Universe is created, went “BANG” and over billions of years the Universe came into being following a Divine Plan.

  2. In the Beginning, Everything was created as the result of evolution. Using DNA a the “design criteria” for all living form/matter, we can trace back the DNA genome to a worm on the bottom of the sea. Humans are evolving! The question, what created the worm– see #1?

  3. In the Beginning, space aliens arrived on earth from other much more advanced planets in the Universe and created through DNA manipulation and traveled around in flying ships and helped cloned humans build spectacular edifices around the world we can’t build today. The question, what created the aliens – see #1?

What if all three are TRUE? Back-up and think, wouldn’t that explain almost everything we know now about creation? Do you understand the Bible account of creation only goes back about 7,500 years. Remember the Bible was written 225AD. There are over 450 “versions” of the Bible and over 40,000 different religions in the US alone. Also, every human has its own belief system, in spite of what it was taught to believe.

First, we must define “God” or nothing will make sense. The current world problems stem from the wrong definition of what God is and what Humans are here on earth for. What if . . . how we perceive God, as defined by our ancestors, is based on man (or aliens), not God? If the attributes of God we were taught are skewed – wrong – then our belief systems are wrong!

My explanation is whatever created all that is in the Universe is Intelligent. So just for grins and giggles, let’s call it Universal Intelligence (UI). And so most of the people on Earth who have been “religiously” brain-washed can relate, let’s add God – and now you have UI/God.

UI/God always has been, is and always will be, it goes into form matter, through form/matter, out of form/matter back into UI/God, because the #1 rule in the Universe is recycling. Everything is Energy – the Non-Mass Creative Vibrating-Energy Field – and Energy cannot be destroyed.

In science, if one thing is wrong, then everything else is suspect.

Example: Think about what we believed, were taught, and on which we based all our perceptions about life on this planet. Then the “Black Smokers” in the ocean depths were discovered and there is now a whole new, different perception of life?

If anything in a given religion/belief system is in conflict or untrue, then everything in that religion/belief system must be suspect. You don’t have to agree, but you do have to see and understand that there is a potential problem. Especially if the basis of any religion/belief system – the definition of the supreme being of that religion – is based on human attributes not God attributes.

If I ask you to describe your God, and you start off by saying, “He is …” I’ll stop you, because you are describing a man! Some “truth” in any religion/belief system does not make everything in that religion/belief system “The Truth.” Using some truth to move an agenda is called “propaganda.”

Organized Religions/Belief Systems have an agenda – Crowd Control. Crowd control is not what God is about! Crowd control is what humans are about. Is there a problem?

Humans are animals – Naked Apes – and are easily controlled (oh, you hated that). Humans are not only easily controlled, they are even programmable for given, automatic responses. It only takes 22 to 54 repetition to create a program/habit. It can even be done subliminally (sight or sound), your conscious mind doesn’t even need to register the event (scientifically proven facts).

Left alone in Mother Nature, the human animal would survive due to basic animal programming. You would find a mate, procreate, pass on your genes, die, and be recycled back into the Big Circle of Life. So if you – the human animal – are not in control, what is in control? Why are you – the Naked Ape – here on this planet? Is there a purpose beyond the human body experience? What is that purpose/reason?

And then, of course, is the question – “what is the correct definition of God” – that “entity” that is but has no name. Let’s call it Universal Intelligence (UI) – it took “Intelligence” to create the “Universe” – therefore Universal Intelligence (you may call it whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy). The creator of the universe – whatever you call it – had to have a purpose – mission – objective that benefited the entity or what’s the point. It took power/energy to make the universe and keep it functioning and changing. Frequency-Vibration (the Word) were power/energy driven to create the atoms, hold them together, and create the universe as we know it.

The confusion – who’s – what’s in charge?

If part of the whole – everything benefits

If benevolent – provide in abundance

If loving – wanting Spiritual growth for self and others – experience, learn, change behavior.

If non-interference – respond in like kind based on the energy generated (positive or negative) – just answer “yes” to the energy transmitted – thoughts, words and deeds – this makes us responsible for creating our future – we were preloaded with freewill!

If experiential – we can only learn through our experiences

If sensory – we gather data and label our environment through our senses

If we have options – unlimited choices

If extremes – the balance of the Universe is the pivot point of the Ying/Yang options

If experimentation – through curiosity so we’ll advance and evolve

If a plan – a script with non-interference, guidance only for the current life journey

If record keeping – the Akashic record of everything that ever occurred from the Big Bang, Universe wide

If the ideal – curiosity, discovery through experimentation to push back the potentiality

If the blueprint for all living matter – DNA

If recycling – everything gets recycled – inorganic, plants, animals, humans and Spiritual beings

If the laws of power/energy – always has been, is and always will be, cannot be created or destroyed it only changes form/matter

If Mother Nature – energy, water, soil, food, population density, disease, recycling, weather, volcanoes, earthquakes, meteors, balance, sustained yield, fertilizer in a continuous dance of varying form/matter – the only thing we can depend upon is change!

The Big Plan – God/Universal Intelligence is to create an environment (The “Stage”) upon which the illusion of life can exist and where the Bodies may act/play their various scripts for the entertainment and enlightenment of all other Spiritual Entities – universe wide. Yes, we’re all actors.

The initial Creation of Cosmic Dust, Vapor and Power/Energy provided the building blocks of the Universe. Universal Intelligence designed the “blueprints of life” by creating DNA for all living things. Then continued the creation process based on feedback from the experimentation and improved on the blueprints of life via evolution – using a simple evaluative tool – “what works – what doesn’t work.”

The Rules – The Souls must work within the Universal Laws when involved with Humans. The objective of the Soul/Human experience is: Experimentation = Information/Data = Creation = Improvement = Change. The Spirit realm, including the incarnate Souls, discarnate Souls and Spiritual Production Crews must “sign” a contract of non-direct interference with the human “Lab Rats”, otherwise there are no experiments, not choices, no evolution.

  • For every action there is a reaction, which influences the universe – sends ripples/echoes throughout eternity.

  • Do unto others as you would have others do unto you – the basic law for the Souls in dealing with Humans.

  • Life is not meant to be fair, just a learning experience.

  • Survival of the Soul is guaranteed and a multitude of opportunities (lifetimes) are available to learn about Personality.

  • Gravity will restrict the Human to the earthly three-dimension realm – the Soul prefers three or non-dimensional existence.

  • Work with The Mother Nature Plan, with the overall objective of sustained yield and quality of experience – works-doesn’t work.

  • The Souls are to push the frontiers of the human possibilities and may use Spiritual assistance and Universal Intelligence to expand the Human potential.

  • The Universe, therefore Earth, is infinitely abundant – economics based on “scarcity of resources” is wrong – the development of technology has proven that.

  • The Spiritual World is available to help with the experiments – Spiritual Production Crews, Spirit guides, Angles, Counselors.

  • Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, can be achieved.

  • There is no good/bad, right/wrong, left/right, up/down – all that matters are the experiments to determine what works, and eliminate what doesn’t work to develop the God personality.

The Human Plan – Create a plumbing-miracle android (computerized machine) out of Cosmic Dust and Vapor. Combine all of the best attributes of all the other “animal experiments” to provide experiential data. This computerized machine to be the “Virtual-Reality” suit for the Soul/Spirit/God to experiment with personality and fine-tune the creation projects.

The Plan is to provided the carnal/flesh Humans with enlarged brains (CPUs) to process the survival, ancestral, and life experience (sensory) data. The Human to be programmed with standard animal survival instincts. The Human experience is to involve procreation, birth, life, pain, pleasure, and death – as all other animals experience – the carnal/flesh knowledge. Human experience data is to be collected within a narrow sonic and visual frequency/vibration range.

The Human bodies are unimportant in the Big Plan. They have limited life spans/usefulness, are fragile, trapped in thee dimensions and trapped in gravity. The Human bodies will be “killed” and recycled back into Cosmic Dust and Vapor when they have served the Soul’s agenda and purpose. A given incarnation is not just about the individual Soul/Body, but also about everyone that entity interfaces with and the legacy of lessons, personality and character learned. It is all about the personality change demonstrated by the behavioral changes in a given entities’ lifetime.

The Soul Plan – Immortal Souls (parts of God) are to don the virtual reality suits (Humans) to have carnal experiences. The souls bring past-lives information/data/baggage plus an agenda in the form of a plan/script to each incarnation. The overall objective of the Soul is to define and develop the “perfect” God personality. This is done through life experiences, experiments, paying attention, focusing on improvement, learning and behavior change.

The Soul, following its Godness, is to work through the Humans using Cosmic Dust and Vapor to create and improve the Human environment – problem solve. The Ying/Yang of Experiments is essential to provide the Bodies the opportunity to exercise their Freewill choices and develop Personality and Character Traits.

The data collected by the Souls is stored in the Universal Intelligence “Reference Library”, the Akashic Record and available to all universe-wide, Spiritual Entities, (and humans when they learn how to access it) for review. The Past is for reference, so we can advance – improve our personality and change our behavior. We can only live in the Present – now! Through our thoughts, words and deeds, we create the future. Repetition of history is not the objective!

80+% of our hundreds of daily decisions come from our subconscious memory banks. Our subconscious was preloaded with data from our ancestors all the way back to the beginning of human existence, millions of years ago when the wiggly met the egg and we began forming. When we took our first breath, the “Breath of Life”, we also received our Soul’s unresolved karmic residue from its past-lives. These combined databases, programming, habits and beliefs were downloaded into our subconscious memory banks – unavailable to our conscious brain.

Then to add to the confusion, the Soul is communicating with our physical Body through its Mind using Intuition to provide guidance, our “wee-small-voice”. And then man devised a way to control us through “Original Sin” by holding us responsible for the Snake, Eve, Adam test. The carrot is heaven (if we follow men’s rules) or the stick (hell if we violate men’s rules).

If over 80+% of our daily decisions are coming from our subconscious, which we have no access to during our conscious and awake time, it’s probably not our fault if we screw-up.

Life is a seminar, a learning experience – we’re supposed to experiment, pay attention to the results, learn our lessons and change our behaviors . . . there will be tests! If we don’t pass the tests, we must keep repeating the lessons until we do change. Doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result, is crazy! Go ahead, enjoy Las Vegas, that’s why UI/God helped us design and build it! Just remember to learn and change. Did that just mess you up?

Read Body/Brain – Soul/Mind Humanities Operation Manual.

The whole of creation, god, man and why we’re here in just five pages. OK, how about a standing ovation. I know, it’ll take a few reviews of this data to get passed your embedded and learned belief systems, but if you really want freedom, a little time in the corner thinking should straighten it out for you. Our belief systems are our limitations!

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