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K-12 Compulsory Schooling Doesn’t Work!

By Lance Rennka on Mar 09, 2014 at 07:19 PM in Learning

“Sit down, shut up, pay attention and quit daydreaming - I’m going to teach you something,” the teacher said.
 That is not how humans learn!
It is, however, the basis of and reason for the Government legislated Laws and Funding of Compulsory Schooling – control of the society.
Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
We’ve all heard teachers say, “Quit daydreaming and pay attention.” But without imagination (daydreaming), knowledge does you little good. Imagination is the multiplier of knowledge.
In 1990, the US Compulsory Schooling System students were 19th out of the 19 industrial nations.
In 2014, the US Compulsory Schooling System students were 27th out of the 29 industrial nations.
In spite of more money, more computers, more teachers, and better technology, US Compulsory Schooling is getting worse, not better.
We’re beginning the 21st Century with:
·         Computing power doubling every 18 months.
·         Available knowledge doubling every 18 months.
·         US job tenure averaging only 18 months.
We MUST address the proper education of our youth if the US is to avoid “Third World Status.”
Compulsory Schooling was instituted in the 1850s, by an act of Congress, for one reason – to control the children of slaves and indentured servants. In 1850, slaves and indentured servants represented 70+ percent of the population (20% African and 50+% indentured servants).
In 1850, immigrants were perceived as both a blessing and a curse. Labor was needed to build the nation, but the immigrants were basically uneducated. The premise was, if the children were separated from their parents, they could be “programmed” to perform the required labor and remain servants/slaves.
Slaves do what they’re told, conform, take orders, and are programmed to never think outside-the-box. However, it is outside-the-box thinking that has provided all human advancement.
The lie, still being used, is that the US Government (who legalized and funds the Compulsory Schooling System) knows the “one right way” to educate the children and mass education is better and more efficient than traditional home-schooling. The local “Board Of Education” designs the curriculum to provide workers for the local economy, i.e. farmers, factory workers, miners, lumber jacks, oilfield workers, fishermen, etc.
·         The assumption: “Everyone learns the same way.”
·         The problem: “No two people learn the same way.”
·         The result: “The product of the US Compulsory Schooling System is getting worse each year.”
In order to educate students in a Compulsory Schooling System, you must turn off the learning switches. Then use every “means” possible to produce “cloned worker bees” – everyone taught exactly the same subjects the same government specified way. These “means” include: Threats, Coercion, Intimidation, Numbering of students (GPA – class position/caste system), Punishment for making mistakes, Confusion, Indifference, Non-direction/Non-thinking (needing to be told what to do), Emotional Dependency, Intellectual Dependency, Competition, Provisional Self-Esteem, Propagandizing, Unable to hide or be alone (to think and dream), and Constant movement/change (of classroom/topic). These are the same techniques used during prisoner interrogation.
Learning is inherent in the human animal. Learning requires “self-motivation.” Learning is fun and is best done while playing. For Learning to “stick” it has to be applied. Learning requires the learner to make mistakes and learn from them, i.e. walking, riding a bicycle, swimming. Learning occurs best when solving real problems. Learning requires imagination. Learning involves cooperation. Learning requires Curiosity. Human Nature needs positive reinforcement and application to really learn a subject.
Do you see the problems/differences between “Compulsory Schooling” and “Learning?” Inherently, the students know what the schooling is meant to do, and they are rebelling against being controlled and programmed. Higher education, if you can qualify, may offer hope, but when 50 percent of freshmen don’t continue their education, there’s something wrong going in.
Designed into human nature is the need to problem solve and advance the human species. Making mistakes is a part of how humans learn, but compulsory education, and continued in higher education, punishes students for making mistakes on tests. Tests are a part of the learning process to show the students what they didn’t learn they or someone else paid for. If the information being taught is important, then every student should get 100% on every test and quiz (this simply requires reviews of the questions with additional work if necessary). If anything, the student Grade Point Average is the teachers’ grade, and should be used to determine if the teacher keeps their job and how much they get paid – just like any other performance-based job.
The second most basic of human programming – after survival – is Curiosity, the “why” of everything. The squelching of Curiosity in Compulsory Schooling, goes against human nature.
Normal human nature produces thinkers, doers, dreamers, risk takers, adventurers and pioneers. It’s exactly these types of people who created and built this nation. They don’t do well in Compulsory Schooling. Compulsory Schooling cannot deal with normal human nature.
Humans see a potential problem, “dream-up” a solution, try something new by taking risks, make mistakes, learn, modify and improve the solution, and create something new to advance mankind.
Self-motivated learners can learn the three “R” (reading, writing, arithmetic) in approximately 100 hours –2 ½ weeks. Why 13 years? Why are so many high school graduates unable to read, write or do basic math?
We’re in the information age with virtually everything ever written, available, at the click of a mouse. The Bible says, “My people perish from a lack of knowledge.” Knowledge applied with life experience creates wisdom – better decision making. The worldwide problems we are experiencing today are due to a lack of good decisions – all of the problems! To become “wise” humans need knowledge, experience and imagination to solve life problems.
Compulsory Schooling teaches students to read at approximately 200 words per minute with 25 percent retention.
Evelyn Wood Speed Reading and other accelerated reading programs take about eight weeks and teach students to read at approximately 800 words per minute with 50 percent retention.
PhotoReading teaches students how to read “photographically” (using photographic memory – everyone has photographic memory) at 25,000 words per minute with 80+ percent retention (this is current technology – works right-side up, up-side down or sideways). A teacher talks at approximately 150 words per minute – boring.
NOTE: Faster is better to improve retention and memory. Pay attention to MTV and commercials – the marketers have figured it out.
A recent survey determined that after high school or college, 70 percent of the graduates never read another book. The knowledge of the ages is stored in books plus they’re entertaining. Does Compulsory Schooling have something to do with graduates not wanting to read?
Compulsory Schooling teaches students to use Short Term Memory to regurgitate facts, figures, dates, etc. to get a grade on a test. Within two months after the test, most students have lost 80+ percent of what they were “taught.” What a waste of time, effort and money.
With the increase in available and historic knowledge, if we’re going to continue to advance, we must improve the means by which we gain knowledge. Self-motivated people will advance, those who choose to be lazy will be the slaves. This has always been and will continue. However, we don’t need to program everyone to be “slaves.”
Educational research has proven that students in compulsory schooling learn in spite of the educational program, not because of it. It’s time for a radical change. Don’t expect the “union-driven, Compulsory Schooling industry” that employs, directly or indirectly, 25 percent of the US working force to cooperate with their own demise. You can expect they will excuse and justify poor performance and require more money to continue the pointless research.
Is there an alternative to the destruction of compulsory schooling?
Probably not. It’s flawed at its basic core – “One Right Way.” It’s flawed in that the highest educated people (educators) are the lowest paid professionals. They must know something is wrong with what they do to accept the low pay.
If the students’ GPAs were used to determine performance based raises, not the union determined job tenure, there might be some hope. There’s nothing wrong with the teachers, (by human nature, everyone is an educator/teacher of sorts) it is the union based, government-backed, bureaucratic, Compulsory Schooling system which is flawed.
The single most important topic to teach modern humans is “Financial Intelligence.” Nowhere in the Compulsory Schooling system is Financial Intelligence being taught – not even in universities. If you have Financial Intelligence it’s hard to make you a slave, except by force.
The next most important topic is “Emotional Intelligence.” The people with high Emotional Intelligence are the bosses of the people with high Intelligence Quotients (IQ). Nowhere in the Compulsory Schooling system, is Emotional Intelligence being taught.
The two most important topics are totally missing from Compulsory Schooling, DA!
If that isn’t bad enough, we’re slipping behind in basic skills every year in spite of the trillions of dollars being spent on Compulsory Schooling. Students are graduating from high school, illiterate with no Financial Intelligence and out of control Emotionally.
Foreign students, with English as a second language, are flooding our Universities and shaming Compulsory Schooled US students’ performance. Why? Self Motivation!
Immigrants to the US are four times more likely to become millionaires. They came to the US for an opportunity – not a job. They and their families are self-motivated to work and learn how to take advantage of opportunities. They are not looking for handouts. But, it only takes three generations of Compulsory Schooling to “Americanize” their offspring – create slaves. From that standpoint Compulsory Schooling works.
Private learning centers, like Montesori, turn-on and amplify the natural, human learning switches. They find out what the individual student is interested in and use self-motivation, inter-disciplinary, integrated, project based, fun, and cooperative problem solving to implement the learning-based behavioral changes. These private learning centers are funded by parents who want their children to have a chance for freedom not slavery.
Home-Schooled children (taught by non teacher-certified parents) are found to be five to ten years ahead of Compulsory Schooled children. Why? Home Schooling involves: field trips, fun, self-motivation, diversity, real world application, positive reinforcement and other factors critical to learning, plus directed research to answer the “Why?” questions. All of which, reinforce the basic human learning experiences.
The educational programs which produce the best student results are:
·         Inter-disciplinary (varied topics/course materials based on project)
·         Integrated (the varied topics used together)
·         Project based (realistic, problem solving applied to current society need)
·         Cooperative (working together to solve problems)
·         Education (learning determined by behavioral change).
These are the basis of the European educational system and the reason they are far ahead of the US students.
Consider the collusion between the government-backed child labor laws and compulsory education. What should be the end objective of compulsory education? Prepare the children to work. Participation/experience is the best teacher, but children are not allowed, due to government laws, to work and earn money – become productive members of society – until age fifteen.
The compulsory education system promotes the “Great American Dream” to
·         Get a good education (compulsory education?)
·         Get a good job (where does a student learn to actually work?)
·         Work hard (were you taught to take the easiest way-out and not think for yourself?)
·         Buy anything you want on credit (including “higher” education and thereby put yourself into indentured servitude - slavery?)
·         Big Brother will take care of you (Social Security and Medicare?).
Human children, trained to be slaves, follow directions and don’t think – they just do what they’re told, and have no self-motivation. The employers must do all the work training, provide constant supervision, and can expect to get back less than 50 percent work for the dollar spent. And then Americans complain about jobs going overseas? How about we “correct” the problems, Government-Legislated, Compulsory Schooling created.
The rich don’t send their children to public schools – Why? To quote one of my university professors, “Compulsory Education is designed to do two things: first, provide a baby sitting facility to allow both parents to work and second, to keep the kids out of the Malls so they won’t shoplift.” She forgot – create slaves.
There is hope for 21st Century students. A template exists that will allow any four-unit, 40-hour course of study – pre-school to graduate school – to be placed on a two hour DVD and a self-motivated person, with the required pre-requisites, can watch it one time – The OnePass Educational Program – and retain over 90 percent of the knowledge, including application to real life situations/problem solving, and answer test questions. The information from dictionaries, encyclopedias and over ten text books plus quizzes and tests is “downloaded” into the learner’s memory banks. The brain/mind performs a matrix (files and cross references) of all of the key words thereby making the knowledge accessible when needed to solve non-related problems. What is also amazing is skills development can be treated the same way with spectacular results. What would you like to learn to do? What new sport (skill) would you like to learn? Ph.D. level knowledge in a given subject in 48 hours!
This technology exists, it works, it has and can be proven easily – watch the DVD, challenge the course, take the written course tests, then apply for the degree.
If you were “educated” in a Compulsory Schooling system, I hope this article upset you. If you don’t agree with this information – think – is your disagreement based on reality or the programming and propagandizing you received from the Compulsory Schooling system? Or do you work in one of those “shoplifting central” malls? It only takes 22 to 54 repetitions of knowledge or skill to create a habit – an automatic program, requiring no thinking. You have been and are being programmed.
If you’re employed, directly or indirectly, by the Compulsory Schooling system, start retraining for another job. The OnePass Educational Program template is here, now.
Compulsory Schooling is a Socialist program designed to separate the children from their parents and keep the “serfs” in their place (Nazi Germany, Socialist Russia and China?). The same techniques are used to train the military to blindly obey orders. Depending on the programming, you can produce millionaires or suicide bombers – your choice/habit.
NOTE: Many of the current millionaires today, earned their money, not because of the Compulsory Schooling system, but in spite of it. They used their innate human genius to solve problems for other humans. They did not earn their money by being slaves.
 Reference: Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling by John Gatto – ISBN# 0-86571-230-1 copyright 1992