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Internet Metaphor

By Lance Rennka on Mar 06, 2014 at 11:10 AM in Learning

With a few more towers and a few more satellites in more locations, the World Wide Web (www) will have complete coverage of the whole earth. At that point, everyone on the earth, with a cell phone, will be connected and can communicate one with the other – voice, text, pictures and video. There is a reason why it’s called a “Web”.
If you want a positive change in the world, drop cellphones not bombs. Expanding access to knowledge and skill will expand the Oneness Concept – let Organized Religions and Governments beware!
The Divine Matrix (DM) is a Universe Wide Web (UWW), which captures data from the whole Universe including ALL the data generated by the earth and all it contains including the thoughts, words spoken and written plus actions by all humans in all the different countries in all the languages and dialects.
The data being captured by the DM web is transmitted to and stored in the Akashic Record (AR), the Universal Data Bank (Library) where all data universe wide is catalogued, matrixed, filed and stored (the Universal “Cloud”). The Universal Data Bank can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, at anytime with no dead-zones or drop-outs – when we learn how.
Just like we learned how to use our cell phone to connect with our friends, acquaintances, family and business associates, we can learn how to use our Higher Self (Soul/Mind – Psyche) to connect to the Akashic Record and have access to the Universal Data Bank of all data from the Big Bang to the present and beyond. These data are categorized and restricted by the Spiritual Librarians, because Body/Brain humans never learn anything new, they can only add new data to existing knowledge and skill data already in our memory banks – known as prerequisites.
When we learn how to “dial-up” the AR and ask a correctly worded question, if what we request is beyond our personal database, our paradigm, meaning we don’t have the prerequisite data to receive and understand the answer, the Spiritual Librarians in conjunction with your own personal Spiritual Production Crew and Soul/Mind become teachers to expand our database so we can understand what is transmitted to us. If we already have the prerequisites, the new data comes in as a download – fast!
The AR is open 24/7 and they honor and respond to all properly worded requests and commands in a timely manner, provided we’re prepared to receive. In effect, we are the block to gaining new thoughts, ideas and answers due to our limited knowledge and skills.
The AR is unlimited in the scope of what is available. Every question has an answer and every problem a solution, or we couldn’t form the question or recognize the problem. To be able to receive new ideas, answers and solutions, we must be open and willing to gather new data and learn the required prerequisites to be able to: receive the answers, remember them, gain understanding about them through experience and apply them to our wants, needs and desires. The “prerequisite database requirement” is why there may be a time-delay between a request and the delivery of the response – something more to learn.
One of the restrictions imposed by the AR Librarians is insuring the answers we are given are for “the highest and best good for ALL things concerned.” They have a much better perspective than we do. The Body/Brain aspect of Humans was given Freewill and Ego driven by Emotions and can and have used the data we’ve received from the AR in ways which have not been for the highest and best good for ALL things, e.g. nuclear energy used for bombs; building power plants near earthquake faults; operating the power plants incorrectly; worldwide industrialization affecting the air and water quality and changing the weather patterns; ruining the soil where we grow our food; medical procedures and pharmaceutical products which harm not heal; etc.
The answer to every problem and question we have about every area of our lives is available, if we’re willing to change our behaviors through the gaining of new knowledge and learning of new skills from the AR.
Everything on this planet is here for a reason, actually multiple reasons. But to avoid human extinction, we must start now to control our greed and restrain our ego based freewill so we can husband this planet, not rape it. When we begin to formulate the questions we want to transmit to the AR Librarians, there are certain things we need to include:

    Willingness to gather new data and expand our personal database to include the prerequisites necessary to understand the new data.
    Asking to be shown the highest and best applications of these data for all things concerned.
    Sharing this new data with others for the advancement other life on this planet as well as our own including sustained yield and balanced eco system.
    Developing an entrepreneurial attitude by solving problems for others at a profit – without greed.
    Being compassionate in all our dealings by focusing on social justice for all since we are one with everything.
    Applying focus, concentration, clarity of thought and perseverance to follow through with and finish the projects we start.
    Accept what is, now – learn from the past, live in the present, create the future to attain Spiritual fullfillment.
    Paying attention to the evolutionary changes as the dynamics of the world and societies change and being willing to change and expand with them.

May I suggest this is a very good way to conduct life on Planet Ocean.
When we identify a problem needing a solution, we can begin the question formulating process by doing the following:

    Identifying the problem, cost, solution and objective from three or more points of view
    Use the umbrella mantra: “Let this be for the Highest and Best good for all things concerned.”
    Ask for help in Clarifying the specific objective
    Formulate a positive Statement, “I am . . .” Since this hasn’t happened yet, it creates a vacuum which demands a response from the Spirit Realm.
    Ask that any necessary Prerequisites and Co-requisites be included with references, multiple uses and applications with the plan and action steps.
    State our Willingness to learn and change

Example: “I am willing to learn and change. I am setting an intention that this be for the Highest and Best Good for all things concerned. I am identifying the problem, cost, solution and objective from three or more points of view. I am creating a plan with action steps and a timeline to reach my goal. I am enjoying the fruits of my productivity as I complete (insert the goal/question/problem).”
Have a Great Life and do something spectacular!

For more information read:

Body/Brain – Soul/Mind Book Series: Learning at the Speed of Download.

By Lance Rennka