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“You can close more business in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.”
Dale Carnegie: was an American self-improvement writer and lecturer

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Body/Brain - Soul/Mind Energy Work Training Manual

By Lance Rennka on Apr 24, 2012 at 09:36 AM in Health

The Question: "Why me, here, now?"

 The Answer: To return to the Divine from which we all came, to sense joy, happiness and abundance beyond anything we've experienced before.

 The Solution: Become an Energy Worker - our inherent and inherited destiny - to tap directly into the three different types of energy: Earth EnergyCosmic Energy and Non-Mass Energyavailable to anyone at anytime, anywhere.

 The Procedure: Use love, meaning, value and will in our search for pure consciousness - enlightenment - through discovering: the Meaning of Life (paying attention, learning our lessons and changing our behaviors), our Life Mission (creating ourselves into the person we want to be) and our Life Purpose (helping others find enlightenment).

 "The individual human mind is like a computer terminal connected to a giant database. The database is human consciousness itself, of which our own cognizance is merely an individual expression, but with its roots in the common consciousness of all mankind. This database is the realm of genius; because to be human is to participate in the database, everyone, by virtue of his birth, has access to genius. The unlimited information contained in the database has been shown to be readily available to anyone in a few seconds, at any time and in any place. This is indeed an astonishing discovery, bearing the power to change lives, both individually and collectively, to a degree never yet anticipated."

An excerpt from Power vs. Force - The Hidden Determinates of Human Behavior by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

 This giant database is the Akashic Record, the Universal Pool of Knowledge. What do we know, we don't know we know? What can we do, we don't know we can do? The human struggle is between the Body/Brain (survival base instincts - ego) and the Soul/Mind (developing positive personality and character traits). Enlightenment is gaining cooperation between this Dual Entity - the "I am" of who/what we are - so we can move into our birthright of direct communications with the Divine with access to the Akashic Record.
 In the Universe . . . everything is connected to the consciousness matrices and interdependent with everyone and everything - One-ness. If we are self-motivated and willing to learn and change/evolve, we can learn how to access this consciousness.
 In the question is the answer, or we couldn't come up with the question. In the idea is the solution or we couldn't come up with the idea. Thinking is asking questions - the right way - to elicit correct answers/solutions. The awareness we need to and can change our habits and beliefs, is the first step. Through Energy Work we can tap into our Intuition, which is our direct communications network with the Spirit Realm from which all Power/Energy emanates.
 The Body/Brain - Soul/Mind Energy Work Training Manual and Processes are designed to make quantum leaps in the consciousness of humans: faster, simpler, easier and better than ever before and provide tools and techniques which produce repeatable results - regardless of the background of the individuals involved. These processes are set-up to go from simple to more complex while dealing with the common issues of mankind. These Programs place the responsibility for change directly on the person participating in these processes and not the Trainers. Participants must be willing to step outside of their Box-of-Reference - their learned habits and beliefs - to make changes in their way of being and doing - gaining enlightenment. Light cannot enter a closed box!
 The objectives of human evolution are physicalemotional and karmic healing leading to an understanding of our individual calling or destiny - our genius and greatness - which we were called forth onto this plane of existence to share. Reconnecting with the Divine is our Spiritual evolution - the shift from Physicality to Spirituality.

 "If everything is energy . . . as science is proving . . . then understanding energy and being able to work with it is the highest calling/destiny on the planet . . . in the Universe . . . and everyone can do it!"

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