Philosopher, Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Career Counselor
“A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.”
Jonathan Swift: Irish author and satirist; author of Gulliver's Travels

Dr. Lance Rennka

Lance Rennka is a truth seeker and an adventurer with a universal view.  By accepting that everything happens for a reason, applying a positive attitude and asking, "Why me, here, now?" he is discovering the lessons he is meant to learn. Lance's view that "Life is an Illusion" and "You Can't Take Dirt (the body) Serious" provides unlimited material to write about and from which to craft fun stories.

Lance overcame the loss of an arm and destruction of his ego/vanity to become a loving, kind, intuitive counselor, published author, video producer, channel writer and Motivational Speaker/Trainer (his Life Purpose – Destiny). He is an "Outside-the-Box" thinker, an observer from the third party view and a questioner of everything. His death experience, multiple out-of-body experiences, Phantom and Phantom-Pain experiences sent him on a Quest to discover the Meaning of Life, his Life Mission and his Life Purpose. He knows everything we see, hear, read and are taught is at least 50% incorrect, incomplete, and/or emotionally biased so he questions everything.

Lance Rennka
Lance Rennka

Over a period of years Lance has become a willing Channel Writer – Spiritual Entities write through him.

Lance is a problem solver and an accumulator of knowledge, synthesizer and organizer with the ability to simplify the complicated. With his Masters Degree in Vocational and Industrial Education and Educational Doctorate Degree in Curriculum Design all of his works have an educational aspect. He writes oxymorons – Fun, Educational books.